Green (Raw) Pu’er

The result of partial fermentation, this blend is packed with catechins, amino acids and probiotics. Supports immunity and cellular health.

Black (Ripe) Pu’er

The result of transformative fermentation, this blend is packed with theaflavins, thearubigins, GABA and probiotics. Supports digestion and gut health.

Alive, fermenting, and supporting a flourishing gut.

Precious microbiotica, naturally occurring in the plant, ferment our Tea Crystals, turning them darker with time and enriching them with probiotics. Support microbial diversity... without the sugar of kombucha.

Customer Reviews

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Pu' er black tea

Not good caused weight gain and high glucose reading still recovering from the inflammation from this tea

Hi Christine! Thank you for your valuable feedback, and we're sorry our teas haven't worked out for you. If there's something our team can do to help you with your satisfaction, we'd be happy to help, and we understand even if this might mean a return. To complete a refund within 30 Days of your purchase, visit our Returns Center at, and if there's something else we can assist with to make our teas more enjoyable in the meantime, please contact our support team to lend a hand at
New to this product

I got the Pu-er bundle and I've been taking it a few days now. I take the black tea in the morning with warm and I find it helps me with digestion. I like the taste of it black and plain. I take the green one after dinner also as is and I find the taste to be more strong and bitter but I like that it soothes me.

More probiotic options!

Loving that this is a great way to add probiotic benefits to my daily regimen! The black Pu'er tea is very mild tasting. The green has a slight bitter taste which I especially love. Even more happy that all of Pique Tea options are triple screened for contaminants and impurities since I use them every day. I am adding this tea to my father's daily diet as well.

Pu’er: green & black

Enjoying both, alternating as days unfurl with autumn leaves, need to order more as my wife also enjoys both.

Worth the Wait (Sort of)

My order took a little longer than expected to get here, but it is DELICIOUS and I especially appreciate not having to brew tea bags.

The negative is the price. At over $2.00 per cup (as opposed to a nickel per cup for the leading brand) I don't know if I can afford to keep drinking it. I'll enjoy the package I have, however.