Support a clean, easy fast.

Green tea is the hack most often recommended by doctors to help you stay fasted for longer. Little wonder: it supports digestion, enhances natural energy and promotes calm. The ultimate trifecta to keep your body charged up, chilled out and more resistant to the cravings that so often derail fasting.

Wisdom of the ages.

Informed by traditional Chinese herbalism, this formula brings together ginger, citrus peel, licorice and mint to provide satiety, aid digestion and support gut health. Combined with the green tea monks have relied on for centuries to aid their fasts, the result is an intelligently curated blend that will transform your fasting experience.

Enticing flavor.

A warming, spicy green tea blend with soothing aromatic citrus notes and just a hint of sweet licorice. No more fasting with bored tastebuds and bad breath (yea, we said it).

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Really not what I expected. Thanks for offering tho'

Hi Kimberly! Thanks so much for your honest feedback, but I'm so sorry that our Ginger Green Fasting Tea was not what you where hoping for. We have a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, so if you would like to return or exchange the tea, we're happy to accommodate you! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at Thanks again for your feedback!
Great Tea!

Just started drinking Pique Tea Crystals, it is delicious and is definently helping with Intermittent Fasting. I ordered the Ginger Green and Cinnamon Herbal, they are very good. Will be ordering different flavors soon. Thank You!

Top Notch

One of my favorite go-to Pique teas for fasting (or not). Great flavor, mixes well (hot or cold) as expected. Actually drinking some as I write this, and recently ordered more boxes of it (and others)!

Afternoon energy

I love this tea! I drink it during my AM fasting period to get me thru those last two hours, which it definitely helps with. I am noticing more afternoon energy with no slump. And my digestive system is running smoothly as well. Whether you are drinking this as a fasting aid, digestive aid, or energy boost, this is the tea for you!


Ginger Green Fasting Tea