Ginger Green Fasting Tea

We start with a proprietary high-catechin blend of green tea to aid digestion, boost energy and support your fasts – just like the monks have done for 100’s of years. The addition of ginger, citrus peels, licorice and peppermint works to soothe your tummy and awaken your senses so you never feel deprived during your fasting window.

Matcha Green Fasting Tea

Take a high-catechin blend of green tea, add it to the world’s purest ceremonial grade matcha and you’ve got a virtual l-theanine bomb to chill you out. Bye-bye fasting stress, hello zen. And hello longer fasting windows! When you conquer the toughest part of fasting – the mental challenge – you’ll find the whole process easier.

Supercharge your fast

Green tea is the hack most often recommended by doctors to help you stay fasted for longer. Little wonder: it supports digestion, enhances natural energy and promotes calm. The ultimate trifecta to keep your body charged up, chilled out and more resistant to the cravings that so often derail fasting.

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Delicious tea

Really enjoyed your tea, wish I could get it in Canada

Does what it says on the tin... er, cardboard.

I've only use the tea a couple times, and it just works. Easy to mix in hot water and doesn't taste like a boiled rock. If you're a green tea fan, you will enjoy this product.

Great T to help me fast

I love the fasting t's this is my 3rd Order from the guys highly recommended it..

Amye's review

I have been very pleased with this tea bundle and the instant gratification of the tea crystals. No waiting for a tea bag to steep!

Easy and delicious

I have tried the green tea and the Macha tea. Both are really good. I’m anxious to try other varieties. You won’t be disappointed. (Just a little expensive)

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